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Day Packages

Select one of the following that best interest you.

Kaieteur Only Tour

This half-day tour gives you the opportunity to visit Kaieteur and see for yourself why it’s the Number One tourist destination in Guyana

Kaieteur & Orinduik Tour

This exciting all day tour gives you the opportunity to visit Kaieteur in the morning and in the afternoon cool down in Orinduik’s lovely refreshing water

Georgetown City Tour

Explore the city with our knowledgeable tour guide who not only highlights the history of the city but also showcase and take you to indulge in the culture of our people via tasting street foods and going on boat rides


We need a required amount of 12 passengers.

It can be done with just 1 person

Mostly weekends, however a charter can be done any day of the week.

Our exchange rate is $200 GYD to $1 USD

2 Years and under is free, above 2 will be the same cost because the child has to utilize a plane seat.

Mostly yes, we advise you to let us know of the disability before the tour so we can give you additional options such as having a private guide.

Early Booking Is Always Advised

This is so because it helps you to secure your spots and dates before they are booked out.

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